Meet the Founders

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D+B, is more than just our signature, it's our names! We, Day and Bianca, are the Founders of Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta. This entire venture started in 2013, honestly through casual conversation.  We noticed that a lot of the people we were working with were predominately men and we were always curious on what the women in Atlanta were doing.  So, we investigated for a little bit and noticed there weren't many initiatives in Atlanta for women to collaborate with each other and share their knowledge, gift or even network! Not too shortly after, the birth of Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta began.  Our first brunch was held on December 15, 2013 with only 20 women in downtown Atlanta.  Since that time we've impacted, created new #businessbesties and educated hundreds of women at our sold out experiences in Charlotte, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Dallas (TX) and more! We created this platform for the current or aspiring entrepreneurial woman who's ready to turn her gift or passion into a full-time opportunity to create the life (and career) of her dreams.  Our experiences are created to create relationships that transpire beyond just brunch.  It always has been and always will be #morethanbrunch when you attend any of our events or workshops.  We're so glad to have you here!

Let's Connect, xo.         

D + B


About Our Brand

Ladies Who Brunch: Atlanta is a global women empowerment movement for current and aspiring entrepreneurial women to connect, gather, and share knowledge over a brunch in a metropolitan city. Based in Atlanta, Georgia the purpose of Ladies Who Brunch: Atlanta is to provide an outlet where women can empower each other and establish relationships (and friendships) that can carry on throughout their entrepreneurial endeavors.

We create educational and empowering sessions/workshops led by industry influencers to inspire you to get your creative juices flowing and elevate your brand to the peak your heart desires.  Our vision is to become the center point for women in business who want a direction or advice on how they can meet their business, personal or professional goals. Our mission is to provide the opportunity for ladies to be enriched and successful in whichever direction they may choose. No matter which soirée you choose, we are a positive experience for you to create friendships or partnerships with women in various industries that is everlasting.