Small Brand Activation

Small Brand Activation

  • Do you want your product sampled and tried by hundreds?

  • Do you want on the spot testimonials that you can use in your marketing and content creation?

  • Do you want to build your text message marketing and e-mail lists?

We’re sure you do babe. Create a small brand activation at our next event.

Grow awareness for your company and reach more of the buyers who want what you sell and connect with your target audience in an authentic way that builds trust in your business.

Build awareness of your business by engaging directly with consumers.

This is not a time to sell directly to our guests, your activation is for hundreds of women to try, sample, or experience your business.

You may collect data (name/e-mail/phone number/testimonials) from our guests in exchange for their usage of your activation.

Payment includes admission, and participation in the event and culinary experience.